Tree Insects

Most insects do not harm the plant they are actually beneficial, but some insects can damage the plant leaves, stems, branches & root, and if they are not caught in time they can even kill the plant by defoliating plant or sucking their sap, other by boring into the trunk and branches can interfere with sap flow and weaken the plant also can sometimes be the carrier of a pathogen that could infect the plant with a disease.

According to their method of feeding they can be divided into three categories, chewing, sucking and boring this will help us determine what type of pest is and treatment.

Pictures above from left to right, (Scales, Aphids, Lacy bugs, White-flies)


Tree Diseases

Basic elements like water, light and proper balance of nutrients is key to the tree health, too much or too little can cause stress on trees making them weak and more susceptible to insect and disease. They are divided into two categories infectious or living agents (diseases) and noninfectious or nonliving agents (disorders). The right pathogen with a perfect host plant and environmental condition it’s all a disease need to develop.

A good fertilization program will bring the vigor of the plant health up and make them less susceptible for insects & diseases!

Pictures bellow from left to right, (Rust, Verticillium wilt, Cytospora canker, Leaf fungus)


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