Lawn Insects

For the most part lawn insect is pretty fair to control because by mowing, fertilizing, aerating and correct moisture in the soil you can minimize the present of pests and sometimes even suppressed them. The most destructive pest on grass are the grubs they feed on the root of the grass they can be unnoticed until the grass starts to have brown spots, if this grubs are not control fast they can bring a secondary problem to your lawn like raccoons, skunks & crows, they feed on grubs and they will dig and rip your lawn apart! 


Lawn Diseases

Diseases are usually cause by too much moisture in the soil, soil compaction and not enough oxygen therefore a control on water, proper aeration, the right fertilizer and mowing can control most diseases… the use of fungicide is our last resort due to that fungicide can kill beneficial fungi in the soil as well.


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