Planting a tree is very important to our company due to that is the future of all of us and our followers, we make sure that you choose the right species for the environment & location, as well as making sure the tree has the right support & fertilizer to start growing on your property. Our plant health & growth management program will look after your tree!

Planting tips: deciduous trees should be plant on south & west side to provide shade during the hot summer months.



Here is our Plant Health Care programs to manage your tree/shrub growth:

  • Tree/shrub deep root fertilization
  • tree/shrubs insects & disease control
  • Root aeration & girdling roots removal
  • Compost & Mulching
  • Tree/shrub irrigation
  • Bracing & cabling
  • Tree/shrub monitoring


Our experts of Glamour Tree, Inc. will be glad to help you and answer any questions.