As professionals we are, we do not like to remove trees unless is necessary,
some of the reasons:

  • The tree is a hazard to the location
  • The tree is dead, has an ultimatum disease
  • Has been seriously damage by a storm
  • Tree is damaging foundation, utility boxes under/on the ground
  • The area is to dense on vegetation
  • Allergies, age, stability and many other are considering to the removal of a tree

Our tree climbers are highly train on this task carrying top of the line equipment to secure and perform such a dangerous task, making sure to minimize all damage to vegetation, structure and surrounding areas. After we are done, beside that we remove the tree, the site will look like we have never been there!

Stump grinding

Why performing a stump grinding after we remove the tree. Once a stump has been ground up the roots break down quickly as well. Roots attached to a stump seem to last much longer and can get in the way, some tree spices even that they are cut down to ground level sometimes they still alive and start producing sucker (chutes) again, also can be a major host for termites, insects and definitely does not look good at all. 

Our experts of Glamour Tree, Inc. will be glad to help you and answer any questions.